Breast Reduction Reduction Mammoplasty

Breast Reduction can help by reshaping the size of the breasts to suit your figure and lifestyle. The size of the breasts is genetically determined, but hormones and body weight can also influence the size. The most common complaint associated with having large breasts is backache, neck pain, deep grooves in the shoulders and rashes under the breasts during the warmer months. Those following active lifestyles might also experience a considerable amount of discomfort during certain activities.

This operation is carried out in a private hospital and under general anaesthetic. There are many techniques that can be used depending on the size of the breasts. There will be different scar lines in each technique and this needs to be discussed with your surgeon.

The stitches are left for ten to fourteen days and most people are able to resume normal duties within two to three weeks.


please note :
All surgical procedures carry certain risks and complications. These will be discussed with your surgeon prior to any procedure. Cosmetic surgery involves skilled procedures. We advise you to choose a surgeon who has had comprehensive training in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery. The names of these surgeons will be on the Specialist Register in Plastic surgery at the General Medical Council. We also strongly recommend that you speak to your General Practitioner before undertaking any surgical procedures.