Q Is the initial consultation with the surgeon or with a counsellor?
A All consultations are with a surgeon only.

Q Will the Surgeon with whom I consult perform my treatment?
A Yes, the same Surgeon who sees you at the first consultation will perform the treatment.

Q Are initial and follow up consultations free?
A Yes, all consultations are free of charge.

Q How can I know if surgery is right for me?
A Your surgeon's job is to tell you what surgery can do for you. Only you can decide whether the operation is right for you.

Q Are the doctors' names on the Specialist Register?
A Yes, all surgeons and anaesthetists names are on the appropriate specialist register.

Q Do I need to consult my General Practitioner before going ahead with my procedure?
A No, but you are strongly advised to do so.

Q What is the role of the Personal Patient Co-ordinator?
A Their role is to direct you to the appropriate specialist and give non-medical advice including travel and finance arrangements.

Q When can I return to work?
A After any operation it is necessary to rest completely for a day or two. You should not do any heavy lifting for at least a week. It is possible to return to work one or two weeks following most operations.