Ear Correction Otoplasty / Pinnaplasty

As with many other features, the shape of the ear is inherited, and often one ear is more prominent than the other. Children and even adults are often teased and this could in some cases lead to a loss of confidence.

Otoplasty is carried out in a private hospital under a local anaesthetic in adults and a general anaesthetic in children. Otoplasty adjusts the shape of the cartilage to create the missing fold and to bring the ear closer to the side of the head.

Only a small scar line is left behind the ear, close to the groove between the ear and the side of the head. The patient is allowed home the same day and although there is some pain and swelling, the ear usually settles after a few weeks.

Patients can resume their normal duties as soon as the head bandage is removed after approximately five days. Stitches do not need to be removed, as they are dissolvable. Children are able to go back to school but should avoid sport activities for another few weeks.


please note :
All surgical procedures carry certain risks and complications. These will be discussed with your surgeon prior to any procedure. Cosmetic surgery involves skilled procedures. We advise you to choose a surgeon who has had comprehensive training in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery. The names of these surgeons will be on the Specialist Register in Plastic surgery at the General Medical Council. We also strongly recommend that you speak to your General Practitioner before undertaking any surgical procedures.