Abdominal Reduction Abdominoplasty

This operation is most common in female patients who have completed their family. After several pregnancies or weight loss, the skin on the abdomen becomes very loose and the muscles of the abdominal wall may be weakened and pulled apart in the middle. Depending on the amount of loose skin, two types of Abdominoplasty can be performed.

In the Standard Abdominoplasty, all the skin below the navel is removed. The remaining skin is then detached and pulled down and stitched at the pubic level. The muscle is repaired at the same time and the navel is repositioned. There is a long scar line that runs transversely across the lower part of the abdomen and another around the new navel. Patients will normally stay in the hospital for two to three days. Overweight people are not suitable for the Standard Abdominoplasty and are advised to diet because the best results are obtained in patients who are the correct weight for their height.

Patients who have a moderate amount of loose skin are recommended to have a Mini Abdominoplasty. The loose skin is excised leaving a short scar and Liposuction is done at the same time.

The average stay in hospital is one or two days and the recovery period between one to two weeks.


please note :
All surgical procedures carry certain risks and complications. These will be discussed with your surgeon prior to any procedure. Cosmetic surgery involves skilled procedures. We advise you to choose a surgeon who has had comprehensive training in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery. The names of these surgeons will be on the Specialist Register in Plastic surgery at the General Medical Council. We also strongly recommend that you speak to your General Practitioner before undertaking any surgical procedures.